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Craft Your Life Paperback Book ( PreOrder)

Craft Your Life Paperback Book ( PreOrder)

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This book is a guide to help teens and young adults make values based decisions.  Rarely do teens and young adults have the opportunity to correct the mistakes or decisions they have made when they were younger. The decisions they make as a teen or as a young adult can limit the options they have when they reach adulthood.  The purpose of this book is to help prevent making decisions that bring limitations and barriers to living one’s best life.  

This book will help the youth weigh the decisions they make now, with what they want long term and when they reach adulthood.  They will learn how important it is to make decisions when they are younger that reflect their values and character.  Making values-based and character driven decisions requires having a vision for one’s best life.  This is the key to open doors, having more options, avoiding limitations, and staying on the path to living our best life. 

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